Even Small Town Restaurants Can Benefit From A Surveillance System

Even Small Town Restaurants Can Benefit From A Surveillance System

When you live in a small town, you probably know a big percentage of the other locals.  Maybe they’re your neighbors, maybe they’re regular customers, or maybe they’re the friends you hang out with after work.  Small towns usually don’t have a big city’s crime rate, in part because everybody knows everyone else.  However, if you own or operate a restaurant, your establishment could end up being an exception to the rule.


Good Business Means Bad Opportunities

When you own your own business, you want as many customers as you can get.  That’s why small-town restaurants usually set up shop along the biggest roads through town, so hungry travelers can spot your business and decide to stop in for some food.  However, travelers can often be untrustworthy since they know they don’t have to stick around, and if all kinds of people show up at your place then unpredictable things can happen.  Having a few visible cameras around can keep people on their best behavior, and they’re great for gathering evidence after a crime happens.


Cameras Can Improve Productivity

Customers aren’t the only ones who notice when you install cameras at your place.  Employees notice too, and studies show they tend to be more productive when they know their boss can see what they did all day.  According to the study, profits improve by an average of 7 percent, and even for a small business that’s a good shot in the arm.


Adding Surveillance Cameras Is Easier Than You Think

Back in the day, you’d need to shut down your restaurant for a whole day or even longer to get a full set of cameras installed.  However, these days the best cameras available are wireless and send encrypted information on a Wi-Fi network to your surveillance computer or even your smartphone.  You’ll still need to route power cords to keep the cameras running, and you should upgrade your Wi-Fi network so you have enough bandwidth for the cameras and the customers, but you can finish the installation process in an evening instead of a whole day.


Protect Your Business With A Security Camera

A bad customer can end up trying to rob you, vandalizing the outside of the building, or else just running out on the check.  You could also turn out to have a bad employee, someone who steals from the till or violates health codes.  Installing a surveillance system can deter people from committing crimes, plus you can see later who did what and use the footage to justify the actions you decide to take.  You can even get special people-counting cameras that help you track your customer base and can help law enforcement locate people after a crime.

You may feel safer living in a small town than living in a big city, but there’s still a big difference between “less crime” and “no crime.”  That’s especially true when it comes to little things like walking out on a check and shoplifting from your employer.  Small-town restaurants in particular deal with out-of-town visitors every day, and at Eagle Tech Corp. we believe that installing security cameras is always a solid investment.

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