Loss Prevention Tips to Reduce Employee Theft

Loss Prevention Tips to Reduce Employee Theft

As a Green Bay WI business owner, it is important to understand that you may come across an employee that isn’t as honest as you thought they were, and you may find that they have been stealing. Sometimes, thefts that are carried through by employees actually outnumber the number of thefts in which shoplifters were the criminals.

So, how can you protect your Green Bay WI business from employee theft?

Run Background Checks

Background checks should be automatically done whenever you are going through the process of hiring employees for your business. It is always best to be conscious and knowledgeable about the possible criminal background of a potential employee so that you can avoid any problems.

Background checks may also be a great deterrent for those want to be employees that have a criminal background and are applying with the intent to steal. You will be able to weed out the high-risk employees with a simple background check and improve your chances of avoiding instances of employee theft.

The Buddy System Isn’t Just for Grade School

If you have employees that have to work alone, then your chances of being a victim of employee theft will rise. They will find being alone as the opportune time to take something from the business. When you have the employee working at the cash register while being alone, you are creating a disaster.

When you pair your employees, keep in mind their personalities and their individual work style and ethics so you can pair the right people for the right shift. You want to do whatever you can to help avoid planned employee theft.

Keep an Eye on What is Happening

Green Bay employees are less likely to steal if they know they are being monitored. Video surveillance is often the best way to go to deter theft. Make sure that you have surveillance cameras placed in strategic locations throughout the business including areas of the building your employees have access to.

You should also limit how many people can actually access the surveillance system so that you can improve the effectiveness of your security efforts.

Watch Simple Routines

Often it is the simple routines at work that allow employees to get away with stealing. Taking the trash out, for example, gives them the opportunity to hide valuables in the trash so they can go unnoticed.

To help with this, you can opt for clear garbage bags, so you can see the contents of the trash being taken out. You can also choose to have a security camera installed in the trash disposal area of the business and have the dumpsters locked at specific times of the day.

Establish Communication

Finally, you want to make sure that each of your employees is comfortable enough communicating when they see something happening while at work. Provide your employees with an email address, for example, so they can confidentially report any suspicious activity they may see while at work.

You should also pay close attention to your employees and take note if someone is facing financial difficulties, so you can take the steps to help them and possibly deter them from ultimately stealing from the business.

To set up a surveillance system for your business and to discuss your other security options, contact us at Eagle Tech Corp today for more information.

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