3 Reasons To Choose A Thermal Imaging Camera

3 Reasons To Choose A Thermal Imaging Camera

For many camera locations, you don’t need any special sort of imaging or capability.  A well-lit store that keeps its lights on throughout the working day will have plenty of light a normal camera needs to see, and even a parking lot with plenty of overhead lights should pose no problems to a modern high-definition camera.  However, cameras with low-light clarity or thermal imaging have their own place in keeping homes and businesses in Green Bay, WI safe.

Thermal Cameras See What Human Eyes Can’t

The most obvious benefit of a thermal camera is the fact that it sees heat.  People, moving cars, and other warm objects show up as clear as day while everything else stays in the background and are just clear enough to show the shape of a room.  A thermal imaging camera lets you see where people are and what they’re up to no matter how dark the room or outside space is, so if you don’t want to install bright lights in a space you don’t have to.

Still, there are a couple drawbacks of thermal imaging.  A thermal camera can’t see through a solid object, even if it’s glass or plastic, because the heat coming from a person won’t pass through it.  For instance, it’s hard to see if someone’s inside a car until they get out.  On the other hand, some objects that reflect visible light will blind a normal camera while a thermal camera can see clearly.

Thermal Cameras Can Reduce False Alarms

Whether your Green Bay, WI system has automation, constant monitoring, or both, a thermal camera can help.  While a motion sensor can go off when an animal or some trash blows past on a windy day, a thermal camera can detect people and make it easy for anyone watching the feed to see who or what is moving past the camera.  This means an automated camera will stay off unless it spots something important, and it means the person monitoring the cameras will be less likely to make a mistake and call in a false alarm.

Thermal Cameras Can Be More Efficient

While the cost of a thermal camera is going to be higher than a regular security camera, especially if you want good video quality, it can be a more efficient purchase in the long run.  A thermal camera doesn’t need any extra lighting to see clearly, and so you can save money on getting and running those extra lights.  That can save you a lot of money depending on how big an area you would need to light.  Thermal cameras can also see clearly at long distances, so you won’t need to buy as many.

While you should still have regular cameras as part of your surveillance system, thermal imaging cameras come in handy for poor lighting conditions and when you need to know you see a person and not something else.  They’re also efficient if adding lights would be expensive.  At Eagle Tech Corp., we understand the benefits of thermal imaging and we help our Green Bay, WI customers know exactly how they can come in handy.

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